Dott. Dino Paladin

The Dott. Dino Paladin Company operates in the following sectors:

- Development and pilot production of biotechnology and nanotechnology products, particularly the development and patenting of drugs currently in production by another company; it has collaborated in research contract projects to develop more than 100 medical-diagnostic devices in-vitro labelled CE (CE IVD) in molecular biology.

Production, installation, repair and maintenance of medical instruments and software for:

  • molecular diagnosis;
  • devices for analysis and research;
  • tracing of workflow and samples in pathological anatomies;
  • development of products for the realisation and management of biobanks.
  • The company has solid research-and-development (R&D) experience in the field of human diagnostics, having collaborated with various universities in the study of tumour drug resistance, HLA typing, genetic diseases and viral typing to acquire and consolidate knowledge for avant-garde molecular biology techniques.